Top 5 Reasons To Adopt A Senior Pet

Spread the word, November is National Adopt A Senior Pet Month! New additions to your household should be compatible with your lifestyle, and for many people a senior companion is a perfect match. It is easy to understand why people’s hearts melt over younger pets, but they also come with a fair amount of training, time commitment and energy, which may not be what you are looking for. If it is what you are looking for, shelters are filled with senior dogs that are healthy are active as well.   

So when are pets considered senior? Cats and dogs are often categorized as a senior once they reach the age of 7, though this can differ depending on breeds and sizes. Some smaller dogs mature slower than bigger ones, this is because larger breeds grow faster and therefore are more likely to experience abnormal cell growth or age related illnesses sooner. 

Plenty of senior animals have yet to find a loving home and are second choices to the younger ones. Make a difference now and consider adopting a senior pet! Below, we have listed our Top 5 Reasons To Adopt A Senior Pet:


5. They frequently come with less surprises

It is common that people put their older pet in a shelter because they had kids, they moved and cannot bring the pet, or they no longer have space. Therefore, owners giving up their pet may be able to provide some information such as their energy level, if they are good with kids, and more.

4. Older pets tend to be calmer

Kittens and puppies are so precious and we all love them, but they may not be right for everyone. Between training them, constantly playing, and keeping them out of trouble, there might be little time to sit back and relax. Senior pets may still enjoy a daily walk but they will also enjoy just cuddling up to you on the couch.

3. It’s easier to teach an old pet new tricks

Since senior pets tend to be calmer and have better attention spans than younger ones, it makes them easier to train. Not only are senior pets just as smart and trainable as young pets, they also may already be housebroken and familiar with the basic commands.

2. They have experience being in a family

A lot of senior pets were once beloved family pets but have ended up in a shelter due to what ever reason. When adopting them, there is a chance they still understand basic household etiquette. Senior pets likely have socialized around other humans and need less adjustment time when settling in to their new home.

1. Senior pets need loving homes too!

The most important reason why you should consider adopting an older pet is that they are often overlooked by people seeking a pet and therefore tend to stay in shelters longer. Many people who have adopted older pets have said that senior pets seem to understand the second chance you’ve given them and form a very, very special bond with their new family. Senior pets should definitely be a consideration when adopting if it fits in with your lifestyle, they all deserve love and a good home. 


We hope that after reading this article, if you are looking to adopt you will start considering senior pets as an option. These wonderful senior pets would love a new home and better environment, they all deserve a happy life.

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