Pet Hygiene: 8 Essential Tips

Owning a pet is a huge responsibility that includes preparation, dedication and the willingness to learn. Maintaining pet hygiene is a must for every pet owner, it goes beyond bathing them and can be a more complex task than one would think. It includes oral care, coat care, skin care, cleaning their environment and cleaning their toys. Unsure of where to begin? Below we have the only guide you need to keep your pet in good health and clean! 


1. Brush their coats regularly

A quick brush everyday or two is so beneficial to your fur baby. It will remove dead hair and dirt from their fur and skin, as well as distribute the natural oils making the coat look healthy and shiny. If you leave your pet's fur untouched for awhile, it will start to tangle and mat. Brushing it often prevents this and is guaranteed to make your next vet trip a lot smoother. 

Different animals and breeds will have certain brushes suitable for their coat type, and it is important to find one suited for your pets fur. There are also universal animal brushes for de-shedding that can be very useful such as Pet Benefit's Hair Removal Comb. These are a cheap yet top quality option if you are on a budget and I highly recommend them.


2. Clean up the eye goop!

No one enjoys the goop in our beloved companions eyes, but someone's gotta deal with it! It is also known as the excess tears or discharge that build up in the corners of their eyes. Some animals and breeds are more prone to the gunk then others such as light colored dog breeds. 

To easily remove the goop, apply a warm cloth to the eye to loosen it up, then use a fine comb such as a flea comb to gently brush it out.

If you notice signs of irritation or redness in the eye, contact or visit the vet as soon as possible.


3. Keep their mouth in check

Normal oral care is recommended by veterinarians but rarely followed by owners. According to a study conducted by Ipsos, only 7 percent of dog owners polled reported brushing their dog's teeth on a daily basis. Though daily is suggested, 2 or 3 times a week should make a big difference in your pets well being. 

Taking care of your pets mouth doesn't have to be difficult, just keep in mind that special pet toothpaste is needed. There are cool gadgets to make maintaining their dental health simple, one we recommend is Pet Benefit's Soft Finger Toothbrush. It is gently, easy to use, easy to clean and is double sided for brushing teeth AND massaging gums.


4. Don't forget about the ears

Something that is commonly overlooked is ear health and practices that prevent infections. Cleaning the ears will fend off painful ear infections that animals are prone to and should be completed once or twice a month. To clean your pets ears, warm water and a cotton pad will work well. Though you may think they will dislike it, some pets tend to really enjoy it. But please, never use cotton swabs on your pet. We want to ensure your babies are as safe as they can be!


5. Clean their face

Animals put their nose into everything, they are curious creatures, especially cats and dogs. This can result in a dirty face from time to time and it is important to clean off any germs they may pick up on the way. Breeds with wrinkly faces are especially susceptible to their face holding dirt and moisture so it is crucial to adapt normal face wash routine. Those breeds faces may need more attention than others.

To wash your pets face safely, dampen a soft washcloth with water and preferably add a drop of pet shampoo. Being super careful of their eyes, gently swipe the cloth across the surface of their face. Being careful once again, rinse their face with warm water using your hand. Keep up with this habit for at least 3 days per week.


6. Trim the nails

It is highly suggested that every pet owner get their pets nails cut at least once a month. Some nails grow quicker than others, so doing a little bit of research in that area to know what your routine should be, won't hurt.

Cutting your pets nails can be tricky to do yourself, which is why there are many grooming services out there. However, these places may not always be suitable for your individual pet and tend be expensive. An inexpensive option to easily cutting your pet's nails at home is a user-friendly pet nail clipper, check out Pet Benefit's durable nail clippers to make your life easy.

7. Bathe regularly

Baths are the most common and important grooming practice among pet parents. It is one of the easier ones and can cover a wide range of areas that can or should be cleaned. 

It is recommended that pets are to be washed no more than once a week, inside pets can be washed less often than outside pets. Bathing them too frequently can cause dry skin and skin irritations.


8. Wash bedding and toys

If pets are one thing, it's a magnet for collecting germs, dirt, dead fur and other filth. Cleaning their bedding helps keep pet dander to a minimum as well as prevent asthma or allergies. 

It is suggested that your pets bedding gets washed once every two weeks to keep floating hair and infections at bay.

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